In the late 60’s I became involved in the anti-war protests and women’s liberation movement. I had also recently acquired a Pentax 35mm camera and began taking it with me to the many demonstrations and other events happening, mostly in New York City.  Some of these photos were used by the underground press at that time through Liberation News Service and NY Newsreel. I also began writing songs and performing around the same time. By the early 70s, all of my attention was focused on music and I stopped my photographic career.
About three years ago, I began getting requests for photos I had taken at the Miss America Beauty Pageant protest on Sept. 7, 1968, which I had participated in. The negatives were stored in an old shoe box in my closet. Channel 13 did a series called “Makers” and processed and used some my photos in their segment on the Women’s Liberation Movement. More recently, I was interviewed for a film about Newsreel where the subject of my still photos came up. The filmmaker, now my friend, lent me a scanner that processes negatives into digital images, and Presto! Here is the result. I have well over 2,000 images that have been a delight for me to see, most of them for the first time. Some of them, I have no recollection of taking. In any case, I thought more people might be interested in seeing them, as well, so here is one way to do so.
I am still making music, but recently bought a “real” camera. My Iphone has been my go to camera up to now.
If you’d like to check out my music (I just released a new cd), here’s a link to my music website.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Solo Gallery Exhibit Opening on September 7, 2018 at OSMOS Gallery, 50 E. 1st St., NYC 6-8 pm